Artist In Residency

 AIR -our Artists In Residency project aims to host a 14 member collective of queer and trans artists, activists, academics and athletes  of color working to address social justice & change through art. This fourteen member team, made of artists that RARE has been working with over the last 5 years and a few new emerging artists that RARE Productions recruits. Artists work with directors and peers to create work-plans, access what they need to build support mechanisms to create great art, to influence change and create the dynamics they want reflected in their communities.     

RARE House is what we call the studio/community physical space of RARE Productions and is home to the AIR project.  RARE  offers this studio space along with, social service connections through our fiscal sponsor Springboard for the Arts to RARE Artists.  

RARE House is perfect for meetings, workshops, media service, art classes, as well as performance, practice and rehearsal  space.  

We believe that Engaging TQLGB residents with art and utilizing strategic communication through performance and media will challenge dominant narratives and culture surrounding disparities in the LGBTQ community, subsequently reducing risk of harm for the LGBTQ youth and adult residents in Minneapolis.