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Quinn Villagomez


Broadcast Journalist- Sound Arts Shimmer is a Broadcast Journalist, host and MC. Shimmer Co-Hosts RARE on KFAI Radio's Fresh Fruit the longest running lgbt radio program in the nation.

Roxanne Anderson

Rox Anderson aka DJ DADDYROCKS Visual and Sound Arts- Rox is a DJ, Producer, Promoter and loves to take photos. Rox is Host of RARE of Fresh Fruit on KFAI Radio.  Rox is Co-Founder and Managing Director of RARE Productions   

Myanna Gates

Myanna Gates Sound Arts-Musician Myanna is a 15 year old musician, lyricist, rapper and hip hop artist.  Myanna also enjoys photography     

DJ Mickey Breeze

McKinley West aka Mickey Breeze Sound Arts-Musician

 DJ Mickey Breeze is a 16 year old DJ creating a positive youth movement thru music and social enterprise.   

Anna Meyer

Anna Meyer 

Visual Arts and Artist Representative  Anna is a film photographer and plays a vital role with RARE resourcing artists needs and ensuring that productions are smooth.