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400 Years of Resistance and Liberation - Remembering, Recovering, Reimagining


RARE Productions is calling together artists to remember the histories of African American people, recover the stories of oppression, resistance, and liberation, and re-imagine a future that is not predicated on the harm of African American people. There are many more stories that we can tell.  Every group, and every place has a story, whether it is of dispossession of Indigenous Native Americans, denial of rights of working people, deportation of Latinx families, or the exclusion of Asian Americans. Some of the stories we need to tell and hear are stories of resistance and progress, the stories of strikes, sit-ins, protest, marches, rallies, elections, and sanctuary. 

RARE is excited to be working with the ReCast project through the City of Minneapolis’s Office of Race and Equity to recognize and highlight 400 years of African-American contributions, during August 2019, as LGBTQ celebrates People Of Color for the 20 Year Anniversary of Twin Cities Black glbt Pride 

On August 20, 1619 the British brought 20 Africans to Jamestown, VA and forced them into slavery. While Africans had been enslaved in the Americas prior to this date, this commemoration gives us an opportunity to reflect on the lasting impact of this event, as well as to honor the legacy of resistance and liberation of African American people.

Date & Location

August 16th-18th 2019

Various Locations:

including Illusion Theater, The Mississippi River, and Powderhorn Park

About The Event

400 Years of Resistance and Liberation – 

remembering, recovering, reimagining

Registration Deadline: Monday August 5th2019

Exhibit Dates: Friday, August 16th–Sunday, August 18th  2019 

Public Reception: Friday, August 16, 7pm

Artwork Drop-Off: August 16th(morning/afternoon hours TBD)

Artwork Pick-Up: Sunday August 18th (times TBD)

400 Years of Resistance and Liberation art exhibits, expressions and inspired by the LGBTQ Black Indigenous people of color.

Resistance and Liberation – Remembering, Recovering, Re-imagining

How do these words affect you?  What do these words represent?  What do you notice in yourself when you hear or see them?  Who do you associate with them?  Where do these words take you?

This show is for all artists, musicians, and storytellers in the LGBTQ+ community to tell their stories and share their experiences with the world. This is an opportunity to share LGBTQ life over the last 400 years. What has your experience been? What were the experiences of our ancestors? What lenses do you see the world through? How do you interpret what you see, and in what ways do you express this through your art? What are the stories of your family, of your neighborhoods, of our LGBTQ Community. What are the Queer POC stories we don’t know. 

Artists in the LGBTQ, Non Binary, and Asexual community are welcome and encouraged to submit work, as are artists who love and support someone from these communities. We are open to visual art, music, spoken word/performance art, and programming ideas. 

This show is directed toward local lgbtq people of color artists in the City of Minneapolis. 

* While we support all forms of art, we serve an all ages population*. 


Please submit up to 5 pieces/images and include title, medium, dimensions, and price, and if for sale.

If pieces are still in conceptual form, please include a description/example and 5 images of past work.


Please upload a sample of up to 2 the written works you wish to read, or

Please upload up to 3 video/audio files of you performing your piece(s)

An open mic story hour is being planned. If interested in participating, please indicate on the form and give a brief description.


Please include links to any media showcasing the music you’d like to perform


Please give a description of the programming you’d like to facilitate or participate in between the opening and closing receptions (artist discussion panels, film screenings, informational/resource fair, open mic story telling, etc)

For this series of non juried art exhibits, you the artist are free to play with and interpret the words and concepts however you wish!  It’s your time to have a party with each of the words, and concepts of explore it in new and mind-bold ways!  A challenge you say?  Then bring it on!! Medium, subject, composition, style, shade, expression, genre, Music, paint, photo, video, mixed media.  What you use is completely up to you.  No right or wrong.  No judgement.   


We submit local and regional press releases, lists show details on our website, use social media, and include show information in e-blasts sent to our subscribers.  Artists are also encouraged to help spread the word. We reserve the right to photograph, reproduce or use an image of artwork in promotional materials.  


The Weekend is kicked-off with a public reception.  This takes place on Friday August 16th 2019.  Exhibiting artists are encouraged to attend to meet patrons, network with other artists, and discuss their work.  

Artwork Protection

We are not responsible in any way for the loss, damage, disappearance or harm of any kind to an artist’s work. It is recommended that all artists insure their own work(s) for the duration of the show. 

Learn More

The Minnesota People of Color Pride 


Friday - 16th: 7pm Illusion Theater Trust
Welcome & Open Night of fun and festivities
Saturday - 17th: 10 am to 6 pm 

Afternoon of fun and learning

Rarig Center 

330 21st Ave. S.  Minneapolis, MN 55455

Black Table Arts - Presents
“The Because Black Life Conference”
Saturday - 17th: 7pm River Boat
evening of partying, hill boat ride on the Mississippi, city adventures
Sunday - 18th:  11-4pm 

Powder horn Park, Minneapolis
Family in the Park, Free Day of Celebration, Food, Fellowship & Fun 

Want to know more about MN POC Pride and The Festival Weekend. 


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